How to choose a coffee grind

It is hard to beat the aroma of fresh-ground coffee! We recommend purchasing a grinder and ordering whole beans but if you would rather order pre-ground coffee we grind on the day your order is sent out.

The equipment that you plan to brew your coffee with will require a certain type of grind to get the most out of your cup, take a look at our quick grind guide. If you require a specific grind not listed please state in your order at the checkout and we will grind to your specification.

Filter grind

This is a coarse grind that is suitable for french press, plunger pot and percolator coffee makers.

Espresso grind (fine)

Some home coffee machines lack the pump power to push the water through an extremely fine grind, if you are unsure of the power of your pump please choose this option to ensure the coffee will filter through.

Espresso grind (superfine)

Espresso grind is much finer than the filter grind. Almost powder-like, like the consistency of icing sugar. Quality espresso requires an exceptionally fine grind, so if you wish to make an espresso at home in a coffee machine but do not have a grinder please choose this grind.

Whole bean

Choose this option if you have a coffee grinder and wish to grind the beans yourself. Coffee stays fresher for longer as a whole bean and retains more of its natural oils which contribute to the flavour.