How to get the most from your coffee

House-blend_5621aWhat is meant by ‘Whole Bean Coffee’?

Whole coffee beans are the part of the bean that remains after the red outer layer of the coffee cherry is removed. A coffee bean is referred to as whole if these beans have not been ground.

Bean is Best

The best way to explore the vibrant world of coffee is by using whole coffee beans. There are a number of benefits to using whole coffee beans rather than ground coffee, some enhance your enjoyment such as the smell when whole beans are ground, some are more practical such as increasing the length of time your coffee will stay fresh.

Using whole coffee beans helps to preserve their integrity for longer. All coffee beans gradually lose their freshness after roasting but whole coffee beans are less susceptible to oxidation. The flavours and aromas tend to decrease faster in ground coffee but by using whole coffee beans you can maintain freshness for longer and release the aromas and delicate flavours when you grind each small amount.

Play Ground

Practicality and equipment is usually a factor in how you will order your coffee, if you can make time to grind your whole coffee beans we recommend that you take up this stimulating and strangely enjoyable daily ritual, or the ‘daily grind’ as I have come to call it. This extra step does not add much time to the brewing process but you will need a coffee grinder wherever you wish to prepare your coffee.

Taking the Plunge

Chi recommends purchasing whole bean coffee to prolong freshness.

However, if you do not wish to invest in the equipment to do so we will gladly grind your coffee to your required grind from whole bean coffee the day it is sent to you. An inconsistent grind is a common fault with some home grinders, Chi use a professional coffee grinder that grinds the coffee consistently. This prevents any variation in particle size which may lead to particles being over extracted (bitter taste) or under extracted (weak flavour, less body).

Whatever your level of coffee Chi please try our micro-roasted whole coffee bean range, whole or ground!